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The National Intervention for Drugs and Alcohol (NIDA) only recommends licensed interventionists for your loved one's professional intervention. We have helped thousands of families just like yours. We provide the help you need to get your loved one into a qualified medical detox and treatment center.

Our services are provided free of charge by Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, a fully-accredited and licensed for-profit addiction treatment facility.

We are here to answer questions and to assist you in obtaining appropriate treatment. The services provided by Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches over the past 20 years are of the highest quality, but not necessarily the right fit for all patients. If Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches or our interventionists are not the right fit for you or your loved one, we will refer you to an appropriate treatment facility or interventionist that matches your specific needs. We have access to a nationwide network of services provides of all levels and would be happy to guide you through this process.

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches receives no remuneration nor reciprocal referrals for referring a patient to any treatment facility. 

Time is the enemy! 

The biggest misunderstanding that we see with families and spouses in regard to interventions for their loved ones is the tendency to wait and hope that their loved one can somehow get better on their own. Another equally common misconception is that the right time for an intervention is after your loved one has already hit rock bottom. Tragically, at this point it is often too late and sometimes loved ones don't make it. The lucky ones who do pull through after a late stage intervention and treatment still have return to confront the damage they have caused their loved ones, and themselves.

Don't be fooled by sites making outlandish claims, like a 95% success rate!

There are unscrupulous people advertising themselves as addiction care experts and making outlandish claims, such as having a 95% success rate with their interventions. Hopefully your common sense will tell you to dismiss these boasts as hyperbole and only consider working with someone who doesn't employ such chicanery.

As a nation we have been collectively losing the battle in many of our towns and cities to save our children from a life of abuse and addiction!

With increasing frequency we hear stories, whether on the news or locally, about families who have lost a loved one to substance abuse, yet claim they had no idea that their loved one ever had a drug or alcohol problem.

The most tragic stories are the ones that involve the loss of other innocent lives, such as from a fatal accident caused by an intoxicated driver who never sought help before it was too late.

In these very sad cases outsiders will often ask, “How did they not know their loved one was suffering from substance abuse? Could they really have missed all the warning signs?” In reality, often what happened was their loved one created such an elaborate smokescreen of lies and deception that the warning signs may have been hard to recognize. Their loved one's addiction became so strong that it literally controlled them and forced them into lying, cheating, or even stealing to keep getting more of their drug of choice. Sometimes they can learn to lie so well that you would literally need a lie detector to know if they were telling you the truth or not.

Providing an Intervention Lifeline for Over 15 Years!


For over 15 years, NIDA has been providing the lifeline for thousands of families who had previously tried everything on their own and didn't know where to turn for help for their loved ones. Our nationwide network of professional interventionists will help your loved accept the fact that they have a drinking or drug problem and need professional help to get better.

NIDA only works with professional interventionists who are experts at performing successful interventions every day.

After your loved one's successful intervention, our interventionist can arrange for them to directly leave for and check into any of the best rated rehab and treatment centers in the country. In most cases, everything will be paid for by your insurance company.

Your loved one will not get better on their own. If they could, they already would have, and you wouldn't be reading this right now! Your loved one is not weak, nor do they lack determination or willpower; it’s just practically impossible to overcome addiction alone and without professional help.

Don't wait another day to get your loved one the treatment they so desperately need. Contact us right now to arrange a professional intervention for your loved one with a recommended licensed interventionist in your area.

Call us anytime day or night Toll-Free at (800) 567-5986 to learn more about the benefits of using a professional interventionist.

Additional Resources

Additional information about licensed providers may be found by going to the Florida Department of Children and Families home page, clicking on Substance Abuse on the drop down menu under services. For licensed providers in the state of Florida click on the listing under “Substance Abuse Providers Currently Licensed by the Department.” For providers in other states, please click on SAMHSA’s Treatment Services Locator under the heading “Other Resources" to find services.

Contact the The National Intervention for Drugs and Alcohol anytime toll-free at (800) 567-5986 or through our online form, to start the process of getting your loved one back and finally freeing them from the chains of their addiction before it's too late!