Addiction Intervention

Helping Your Loved One Break Free from Addiction

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can easily turn deadly and can lead to the loss of your loved one’s life or the lives of others. A professional intervention is the first step of a necessary journey that your loved one must take to break free of their addiction and begin a lasting recovery.

Addiction clouds the mind, impairing judgment and causing the addict to act irrationally. While under the influence of drugs or alcohol it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for your loved one to see how deeply their actions hurt the ones that love them the most. It is imperative that the family members of addicts realize that if they continue to do nothing, they will be watching their loved one destroy themselves.

An unfortunately common reason people put off initiating an intervention is because they are worried that the confrontation will be unpleasant; it’s always much easier to deny the existence of a problem than to acknowledge it. Yet there eventually comes a day where pretending the addiction will go away on its own no longer works.

Because you are reading this, we can assume the day has come where you and your family are now ready to find out more about performing a successful intervention.

It is important to understand that the intervention should always be managed by a skilled professional who will gently draw your loved one out of denial and back into reality. The professional intervention specialist will open your loved one’s eyes and allow them to see themselves in a true light and finally admit that they have a problem. An interventionist can help them to recognize the danger and harm their addiction is causing to their loved ones and will encourage them to admit that they have to get professional help to break free of it. Without a professional intervention, this necessary first step rarely happens and consequently, the accompanying treatment that your loved one needs for healing and recovering from their addiction also wil not happen.

The step following a successful intervention is when your loved one enters treatment. In this treatment, they will receive all of the vital tools and support needed to overcome their addiction. With the help of a professional interventionist, your loved one will have the best chance to escape from the chains of addiction and embrace a healthy life of true freedom.

Today is the time to do the right thing: call right now and schedule an intervention for your loved one.

Contact the The National Intervention for Drugs and Alcohol anytime toll-free at (800) 567-5986 or through our online form, to start the process of getting your loved one back and finally freeing them from the chains of their addiction before it's too late!