Trying Hard to Keep Trying

When there was nobody willing to stay, I stayed. When there was nobody... Read More

Don't Back Down

There's a certain dynamic that exists between brothers. It's a blend of respect,... Read More

It's good to have good friends

Everyone says how nice it is to have friends. Most of us have our... Read More

The hourglass was running out for me

Looking back on it all now it was like I was Dorothy from the... Read More

The Right Choice Is Rarely the Easy One

If you're afraid to speak up to your alcohol loved one, you... Read More

The Luckiest Man on Earth

When you're an alcoholic, you never want to hear it. When you're about to get in... Read More

Family Matters . . . a real lot!

One of the cruelest tricks of addiction is that it robs you of your... Read More

Fortunately Blood is Thicker than Denial

Pride and pills are a deadly combination. I developed... Read More

A Welcome Wake-Up Call

It wasn't until I was thirty that I started experimenting with cocaine. I'm college... Read More

With A Lot of Help from My Friends . . .

It's one thing to never outgrow a friend, a song or other harmless... Read More

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