Drug Abuse Intervention: Why I'm 6 Feet Above Ground

I have been given more lives in one lifetime than some people are afforded in ten lifetimes. So many times, I should have ended up in a wooden box. And if it were not for my drug abuse intervention, I guess I would be in a wooden box. A lot of times, I still don’t know why I am here today. I have to believe there is a reason that I have been given so many second chances. I don’t want to take these new opportunities for granted anymore. I wanted to get sober. I got sober. Now, I focus on the want to stay sober.

There were a lot of times that I wanted to get sober. I cannot count the number of times that I told someone that I wanted to get sober. I would try. I would try to not take as many pills one day as I did the day before. I thought, like many addicts, that I could just do it on my own. Sometimes I even told myself that I didn’t take as many today as I did yesterday. I would trick myself into believer than more hours had gone by than what had truly gone by since the last time I uncapped my bottles. It is amazing what the mind can trick itself into believing.

But it was not possible to get clean without the drug abuse intervention that my family organized for me. That drug abuse intervention saved my life. My family saved my life. I was taking anything I could get my hands on. And, it was not hard to get my hands on things. I was prescribed Klonopin for my panic attacks that I had when I was younger. I also had a prescription for Ativan. But I sprinkled those with roxies, too. I occasionally dabbled in meth as well but only at parties. I didn’t like the way it felt as much as the pills. I never sought it out; I only took it when it was given to me in a social setting.

I was in serious denial for a long time. I had run away screaming from other drug abuse interventions that they had tried to set up for me before. For most of my addiction, I didn’t think that I even had an addiction. My mom and my sister would explain to me that I didn’t need to take so many different types of pills every day. I didn’t listen. I tuned them out. They don’t understand, I would tell myself. They have never struggled with anxiety or depression. They don’t have the same problems that I have. In a way, I was right. They had me. I was the problem. I was not facing any consequences for my drug addiction; they were bearing the heavy weight of my addiction while I was ignoring it, sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss.

At one time, I did need Klonopin and Ativan just to get through the day. But I was abusing them and it got to the point of chemical dependency. It is amazing how quickly someone can fall down that slope. The problem is, you get into this mindset of: “well, if I just take a pill, I will be okay. If I just take a pill, I will feel happier. If I just take a pill, I will feel calmer.”

My other insane rationalization was that I was not the same as a regular street crack addict. These pills were prescribed to me, I would explain. The doctors wouldn’t give them to me if they were not meant to be taken, right? I didn’t consider myself a junkie but I was – in every sense of the term. There was no reason for me to be taking 24+ pills daily – no other reason besides addiction that is.

Addicts will use any excuse to continue on with their addiction. Please, stop them like my family stopped them. Organize your own drug abuse intervention. Today.

Contact the The National Intervention for Drugs and Alcohol anytime toll-free at (800) 567-5986 or through our online form, to start the process of getting your loved one back and finally freeing them from the chains of their addiction before it's too late!