Drug Abuse Intervention

True love and true friendship mean doing the right thing, and sometimes they also mean doing the hardest thing.

When your loved one depends on drugs or alcohol to get through the day, and no matter the circumstances or the consequences continues to use and abuse them, they are suffering from addiction. Someone suffering from addiction is like a person walking around with blinders on: they can only see what is right in front of them, not the ramifications of their actions on those around them, especially their loved ones and family. While under the influence of the drug that they are abusing, they can’t see the pain that they are causing others, and usually the only way to get them to remove these self-imposed blinders is through a professional intervention.

An intervention doesn't have to be a confrontational or difficult process. By choosing to hold a professional intervention led by a licensed, accredited, professional interventionist, your loved one will be far less likely to get upset or defensive during the intervention process.

The goal of a professional intervention is to facilitate a shift in attitude on the part of the drug abuser so that they start to accept responsibility for their actions and admit that they have a problem that has become so overwhelming that they can no longer manage it alone. The intervention, when performed by a caring and skilled professional interventionist, will open your loved one's eyes to the truth, while providing them with a support team of family members and professionals who will help them throughout their recovery process and provide them with the tools needed to break the vicious cycle of drug abuse and chemical dependency.

Of course you want your loved one to get better and return to a normal, healthy, and productive life but trying to hold an intervention without the help of a professional interventionist is never a good idea, and it could potentially cause your loved one to become very upset or even violent.

Contact us today and we will recommend a professional interventionist who will support you and your family during the drug abuse intervention process, guiding your loved one to a life of healthy, drug-free living.

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