Drug and Alcohol Intervention

With a professional interventionist moderating your loved one’s intervention, the chance of your loved one agreeing to get help increases dramatically!

Many people have tried and failed to get their loved ones to accept that they need help by just talking and reasoning with them. The families who really care go even further and attempt an intervention for their loved one. Unfortunately, the majority of these interventions don't work, because the family did not hire a licensed professional to manage the intervention process and produce a successful outcome.

Don't give up hope if you have attempted to hold an intervention on your own that didn't work

If addiction has shattered the life of your loved one, a professionally managed intervention is the first step to recovery and starting anew. Your loved one can become a respected and functioning member of your family and society again. Take this first step in acknowledging the facts regarding your loved one's addiction and the need for a professional intervention, as there are potentially dire consequences due to inaction or ignoring your loved one’s addiction.

It is important that your family only consider hiring a licensed professional interventionist for your loved one's drug or alcohol intervention.

NIDA will only recommend licensed professional interventionists for any interventions that you contact us about. Trained and experienced intervention professionals utilize a variety of tools and methods during the intervention process. They provide support and any necessary intermediation for everyone involved. We can also recommend licensed reputable treatment centers for your loved one to consider going to after their successful intervention.

During the intervention, family and friends actively participate in sharing their experiences, articulating how one’s addiction effects all involved parties, and offering their support and assistance in helping to facilitate your loved one’s recovery.

A professional drug or alcohol intervention is only the beginning of the healing process.

Intervention is the first step for your loved one on their road to recovery from addiction. Do not allow your loved one's addiction to overtake their life for even one more day. You can be the catalyst for your loved one’s chance at a new life!

Contact us any time, day or night, to schedule an intervention for your loved one.

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