Intervention Success Stories

Something of an Expert

Trying my best to escape my family’s addiction by moving away, I... Read More

The Lifesaving Love of Family

I never knew how much my parents loved me. In fact... Read More

A Family Affair

We weren’t the kind of family people associated with heroin addiction.... Read More


I always had difficulty living a normal life and staying out of trouble. You know those people... Read More

Reliving a Nightmare

When I was a young, I lost my father to alcoholism. It took me... Read More

Don’t Blink

There are few things worse in life than thinking you failed as a parent; that you... Read More

Hanging On

I had finally had enough. I had been abused to the breaking point and was ready to... Read More

Courage Doesn’t Come Easy

They can yell, scream and lie as much as they want;... Read More

Don’t Give Up on Them

It’s one thing to destroy your own life, but when you start tearing... Read More

A New Chapter Begins

I’d like to tell you a little bit about how my family saved me... Read More

Meaning It

I don’t really know where to begin, other than to say that my brother’s heroin... Read More

No Time to Waste

Is there ever a right time to admit you have a drug problem? If there was... Read More

Heeding the Warnings

I didn’t know how to go about helping someone who didn’t want it.... Read More

The People You Love

As hard it was to get off of heroin, it might have been even harder... Read More

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